Questions about the Crozet Pool Dome Sounds

From a conversation on the RealCrozetVA Facebook page

I am really happy that I live near the Crozet pool dome. However, if I lived next to the dome, I would likely be unable to sleep with my windows open due to the noise.

I can see the argument being made that the noise interferes with nearby homeowners’ ability to quietly enjoy their homes.

On the day of the dome’s installation late last month, I didn’t notice the sound, but this morning when riding to and back home from Crozet Elementary, the sound was startling. I would have recorded the sound, but a train was going by. 🙂

One of the differences apparently is that the noise of the fans or generator (or both) is never-ending.

One anticipates baseball games, soccer matches, swimming meets, the Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival (which is the weekend of 13/14 October) … But this is something that was not anticipated nor could it have been anticipated by neighbors.

Good neighbors work together on this such of thing, so I don’t have any question that the sound can be addressed, it’s just a matter of how and when.

*Disclosure: I’ll be getting a membership there soon …

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One Reply to “Questions about the Crozet Pool Dome Sounds”

  1. I’m excited to have the pool dome, as we are within short walking
    distance and have a membership. However, the noise is never-ending and causing me stress. It does
    cycle off and on periodically, but the break is short-lived and only serves to
    redirect my attention back to the noise once it starts again if I had somehow
    managed to ignore it before it turned off. The cycling even wakes me up at
    night. Noise from park activities is expected, but those noises are typically
    after school and on weekends, and one has a reasonable expectation for when
    they will end (a few hours at most). As someone who mostly works from home,
    there is little escape for me from the relentless noise. I would love for the
    pool to add some kind of sound baffle and/or take other steps to reduce the

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