4 Replies to “Greenwood Superfund Site”

  1. Glad this made it into the news again. It’s a not very well known chapter in our history. I’d guess that 90%+ of the residents of Crozet and 98%+ of Albemarle don’t know about the factory.

    Thank god for the EPA. Too bad the business didn’t have to pay for the cleanup.

    1. If you lived here then you did. If you did not, well, you had other stories.
      Eventually the County will wind up with the property. Future Park?

    2. yes, its nice get the history on this site. Otherwise, the only info that i found on this prior to this story was on gov site. Sadly, this area has hosted a couple other cleanups.

      Thanks for doing business…please close the door (and clean your crap) on the way out. thank you.

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