7 Replies to “Pizza Hut Coming to Crozet”

  1. Crozet Pizza, Sal’s, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut in Crozet? I’m no real estate guru but four dedicated pizza joints seems a bit more than the area can support.

  2. Evan S., don’t forgot our favorite, Anna’s… with 4 public and 2 private schools in Crozet, I think there should be many pizza choices for all our kids! After all, we have many coffee shops for their parents…it’s the American way.

    1. You’re right, 5 pizza places in Crozet (unless I’m forgetting another)! I hope they’re all successful, albeit I’m not too thrilled by a Pizza Hut, its one of the worst pizzas on the market. I wont ever purchase a their pizza.

        1. They must also feel that they type of customers they cater
          to are here. Another plastic community, another chain
          store. What is the difference?

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