3 Replies to “Re-Store ‘n Station Opening this Summer”

  1. The name is an interesting blend of a prefix, “Re”, and ending letter, “N”. Few people in Crozet have really spent the time to learn what the term means, because most residents in Crozet have been extremely busy hoping for the higher densities, exploding population, expensive growth infrastructure, and downtown commercial profitability of their beloved Master Plan.

    So, to fill you in, the prefix, “Re”, simply means that the store, as planned, has all been done before. Re-Store. It’s not an original, clever, or unique concept.

    The “N” signifies “noisy”. When “N” is seen in terms used to describe commercial establishments, it conjures roaring 18 wheelers gearing down to move off the ramps at I-64 during dead city hours. Or, joyous stereos and screeching tires of late night weekend customers, often near once-quiet residential areas.

    So, Re-Store N. Done before. Store. Noisy.

    I hope this explanation helps clarify what has been a confusing term, Jim.

    1. I’m not sure who the residents in Crozet are that have been busy hoping for higher densities, but it can’t be blamed on the Master Plan. The original Master Plan was based on a “By Right” density, that is to say density based on the minimal allowable build out. The county then came back with their 24,000 population number, which thanks to the efforts of Crozet residents has been scaled back. Add to this the fact that the last two developments approved were at low densities means Crozet will NOT get to the maximum build out.. As for the downtown the Master Plan does allow for more flexibility for development, but the trade off is development is downtown, hopefully replacing jobs lost when the lumber yard closed and will not be on Rt 250. I would suggest that many of the people Craig is complaining about are the same people who showed up at all the public hearings for the ReStore N Station to express their opposition. Always helps to know the facts.

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