Crozet Community Advisory Council Meeting – 19 June 2013

Anyone interested in live-tweeting this meeting? I’ve found the information for those unable to attend is invaluable.

via email –

Please note that the June meeting of the Crozet Community Advisory Council will be held at the County Office Building at 6:30pm on Wednesday, June 19, 2013. The meeting will begin with a joint Advisory Councils meeting to discuss proposed changes to the critical slopes regulations in the Development Areas and we will follow that meeting with a short regular meeting of the Crozet CAC, the draft agenda for which is attached.

(draft agenda)

1. Agenda Review(Meg Holden – CCAC chair).
2. Approval of Minutes from May 16, 2013 meeting.
3. Project Updates/Information:
• Update on Library Fundraising (Bill Schrader)
• Update on streetscape
• Anything on plans for pedestrian crossing signal at Clover
Lawn/Harris Teeter, approve a resolution to request some action
regarding a safer solution for this crossing area
• Plans for Crozet Independence Day Parade, Celebration and Fireworks
on July 6.
4. Turning lanes on 250
5. Extreme jeep driving on Bear Creek Rd.
6. Items not listed on the Agenda
7. Announcements.
8. Future Agenda Items.

Just received email –

The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium.  Bill Fritz will be making the presentation on the changes to critical slopes under consideration.  We will then go to rooms for  individual Council meetings.  We need to begin each Council meeting with the conversation about critical slopes.
This will be a really good discussion for everyone because most of the slopes recommended for protection  are shown on the Master Plans as “Parks and Green Systems”.  You all are very familiar with the Crozet Master Plan and will be able to see the relationship between the plan and a potential ordinance to better preserve the features that are so important.
I just wanted to let you know about this in advance as I see you have prepared a fairly full agenda for Crozet things as well.
Thanks for the good work I know you will do in comparing our critical slopes maps to the Crozet Master Plan and the input you will provide.
You should be happy to know that Rebecca Ragsdale will be your facilitator for the discussion.  I know she is glad to be working with you again.

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    1. All depends what you consider Crozet. The unelected chosen few
      claim large tracts of area for their kingdom. As far as for people who have lived here for quite awhile you are correct. Extreme jeep

      Driving???? Send the security corps, snitch squad or whatever…

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