Where Will the Next Crozet Stop Light Be?

We all know it’s coming. Where do you think it will be?

– Jarmans Gap and Crozet Avenue? (I really think a roundabout would make sense there

– Library Avenue and Crozet Avenue?

– Harris Teeter and 250?

– The gas stations on 250 near Western?

– Somewhere else?

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4 Replies to “Where Will the Next Crozet Stop Light Be?”

  1. From an email commenter:

    I like the idea of a roundabout at Jarman’s Gap and Crozet Avenue. The stop-line on Jarman’s Gap is too far back to make any sense, and everyone drives beyond it in order to traffic on Crozet Avenue. I understand Gordonsville likes roundabouts so much that they are considering several more. Route 15 towards Leesburg has several and the traffic moves freely.

    Another good place would be where Owensville Road intersects Route 250 in Ivy. Lights would be needed where traffic backs up excessively, or there are a lot of accidents, and I don’t see that at the present time.

    1. There is simply not enough traffic to justify the cost. And, what do you propose to tear down to build this? The Church? A traffic circle would not be worth destroying what is already there. If you own enough property to create one on maybe that would be the perfect place.

    2. I live off Jarmans Gap Road and use that intersection to get into downtown. I think a roundabout is a great idea. The current configuration is as noted in the comment, a problem.

  2. I think Crozet Ave has enough lights, it’s the restricted traffic pattern that is the problem.

    A light at Jarmans Gap Road or Tabor St is is not going to improve the situation, it would in fact be a temporary patch on a larger problem. If there was another way for the many people who live in the vicinity of Crozet park to get out of their neighborhoods to 240 and 250 that would mitigate traffic that has only one road in and out. People in those neighborhoods must head through town to go anywhere else. Even linking High St to Library Ave would help, people heading to 240 North or East could access Crozet Ave via Library Ave, and people trying to get to 250 West or Jarman Gap Road could access Crozet Ave from Tabor. I don’t like the idea of building more roads, but if the population is going to increase, the roads’ capacity need to increase, and smartly, as well.

    If a light had to go in the best location is probably at Harris Teeter, If those neighborhoods continue to grow, that will be the likeliest place for an increase in accidents during the morning and evening rush hours.

    250 near Western doesn’t need another stoplight, but it needs to be widened because so many people traveling westward past WAHS want to make turns into and out of the Brownsville Market or out of Old Trail, and that can cause trouble with thru-traffic having to either stop or pass on the gravel. Widening should have been a proffer during the Old Trail building, IMO, but it seems that the Powers that Be have little business acumen and think that putting pressure on a developer will keep other developers from building here in the future.

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