What’s Being Done in Front of BP?

Century Link at Crozet and Railroad

I’ve been driving and cycling around the work for days and finally thought to stop and ask one of the guys working what they were doing.

He answered.

And then I contacted CenturyLink via Twitter.

And they responded.

And I emailed them. And they answered.

Thanks for the opportunity to respond to your inquiry into the work being done in Crozet.

The work taking place is in preparation for the Crozet (Streetscape) project, which requires relocation of CenturyLink’s fiber and copper facilities along Crozet Avenue, between “The Square” and Tabor Street. Overall, the facility relocation is a major undertaking and CenturyLink is working extra hours to complete this work as soon as possible.

So … I was tired of wondering.

Twitter _ CenturyLinkHelp_ @JimDuncan Jim this project ....jpg

Twitter _ CenturyLinkHelp_ @JimDuncan It_s a cable ....jpg

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