Public hearing on closing of Tabor street

Email from Ann Mallek:

It has just been decided that the BOS will hold its work session on economic development this afternoon beginning at 4:30 pm (not 4 pm) and go into evening session at 6 pm to adopt the agenda and the consent agenda, which contains the approval to close a short section of Tabor street during working hours for two weeks.

I encourage anyone who was planning to speak on this item during matters from the public this evening to contact me by email or phone at 434-996-6159 to share their thoughts.

I have heard from many people already who all are in favor of the shortest possible work interval and therefore in favor of the closure rather than one lane open all the time.

In addition, my concern with the one lane opening is that the five weeks could easily be extended far longer if weather interferes.

Thank you for your help informing your neighbors. Bad timing for a monster storm, but I do not want to bring people out on dangerous roads and fully support this decision by Chair Dittmar.

[email protected]

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