Crozet’s Weathering the Snow Quite Well

The CVFD was (and is) staffed up and ready. Many local businesses – Crozet Hardware, Great Valu, Fardowners, Mudhouse and more – were open yesterday and the roads seemed quite drivable.

Typically when it snows we get to Mint Springs for sledding but I learned yesterday that not only are the gates closed, there is apparently a steep incline into the lake, making getting out should one fall in, very difficult. (due to work being done at Mint Springs)

How are things today, Crozet?

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One Reply to “Crozet’s Weathering the Snow Quite Well”

  1. Looking better – 240 looks great and people are out shoveling the walks. Might’ve been nice to get out and get some coffee, but impossible from where we are in the Highlands. Not plowed yet, no 4wd and we have a steep hill to contend with. So, we are still house bound today! Didn’t lose power.

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