Mint Springs Improvements Coming in January

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Starting in early January Albemarle County Parks will begin our Swimming Dock and Bridge Capital Improvement Replacement Project at Mint Spring Park’s Upper Lake “Swimming Lake”. The project will require the pumping down of the lake and maintaining the level low enough to allow the repair and rebuild of the Swimming Dock and Beach Access Bridge. This scheduled maintenance rebuild will involve the removal and replacement of the sub structure, cross members, deck trusses, decking and bridge railings. The project is expected to take 45 days pending weather and pump down progress. The attached signs will be posted around the upper lake starting December 23rd, to notify the public and aid in securing the lake for safety after the project begins.After the pump process has begun and until the lake has refilled the lake will be posted no trespassing or fishing. During the pump down period staff will be monitoring the pumps in the park for a 24 hour period until our desired level is reached. The staff monitoring the pumps will also be able to field questions and advise the public of our project and help with the early security of the area. The slippery lake bottom and sediment areas on the bottom of the lake pose a public safety hazard. The construction site also poses a safety hazard and will also be posted no trespassing.
The trout currently stocked in the lake will be subject to stress and we may experience some fatalities. Our objective is to try to balance the drawdown of the lake and maintain adequate water to allow for survival of our trout/fish population. The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries was alerted in the fall of our intent to lower the lake and will act accordingly with stockings of the upper lake.  Access to the lower fishing lake and other areas of the park will be open to the public as normal.   For further information and project progress please contact Albemarle County Parks.

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