7 Replies to “Wondering – What is Crozet’s Daytime Population?”

  1. What Crozet needs? I’ve heard: a feed store, a hotel, a tasting room for the local small vineyards, an arts center for local artists/musicians to exhibit/sell or perform in. We seem to be doing pretty well in medical services. How about more sidewalks & bike lanes?! This would improve current residents quality of life and make the community more attractive to businesses that might be interested in locating here.

  2. From an email commenter:

    According to the Crozet Master Plan, downtown Crozet will become a walkable area with retail, services, and employment. There are 2 other “centers” in Crozet – Old Trail and the Clover Lawn – Harris Teeter area. The Clover Lawn – Harris Teeter area is more oriented to Route 250 and the automobile. But the commercial core at Old Trail and a redeveloped downtown are intended to become very walkable, vibrant areas. Someone noted correctly that it is the employment activity that will drive the daytime vibrancy.

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