Buses From Crozet to Charlottesville?

Just an idea …

Did you know that:

Based on a great conversation I had yesterday at the Mudhouse, I started this conversation on the RealCrozetVA Facebook page and got some great comments.

What could be done to get great bus service to/from Crozet/Charlottesville? Cool buses. With lots of light & wifi. 5x in the morning & 5x at afternoon/evening for starters.

With bike racks on buses. Park and rides in the church lots … Just kicking around some ideas. (Not my ideas necessarily … Just ideas)

Could it happen?

Some back of the napkin numbers – correct me please, because I’m sort of making these numbers up.

What do you think? Could it happen? Who could/would do it? Could/would it be profitable?

Most importantly – for those of you who have “real” jobs as I call them (I’m a Realtor; my days are necessarily geographically scattered) – would you use a bus?



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8 Replies to “Buses From Crozet to Charlottesville?”

  1. Good idea. Get your investors together and see how far you get through all the hoops.
    Unless you would rather someone else do it. Jaunt already has regular service and as
    you know by the parking space riots, people here like to drive. Good luck…

      1. I saw it. I also know the expense of what you are talking about. I think that we need to wear the bike lanes out first before we invest in public transportation.
        One of the problems is that you need two way traffic. Some jobs for people to
        travel to in Crozet would help…
        Are your cool buses going to be hybrid or LP???

  2. Good comment from Ken, an offline commenter:

    It’s interesting to me that most of the respondents to the idea of commuter bus
    service linking Crozet and Charlottesville are in favor of such an idea, actually no
    surprise to me. What I do find surprising is the idea, even presumption that such a
    service would be offered by private enterprise. This is clearly a function of
    government. It is “public” transportation. No different than the CAT system in
    Charlottesville which would almost have to be a partner in such an effort. In fact this
    could be a wonderful opportunity for the county and the city to partner, providing
    benefits to both parties.

    The county benefits by reducing the private vehicle traffic between Crozet and
    Charlottesville. Looking at the numbers it appears there could be a rider pool of two
    thousand or more riders a day. Imagine the impact of removing one or two thousand
    cars from route 250 twice a day at rush hours. The reduced wear and tear on the
    infrastructure, the reduced number of potential accidents, the savings in fuel use,
    resulting in better air quality and eventually lower prices related to lower demand.

    The advantages to the city include reduced traffic on city streets, reduced demand
    for parking, the same air quality improvements enjoyed by the county, and
    increased ridership on the city system with those taking the bus to the city’s
    transportation hub then transferring to the city’s routes to their final destination,
    thus providing increased ridership and revenue for the city’s routes. The
    transportation center is intended to function as the hub in a hub and spoke system.
    Crozet to Charlottesville would be a logical spoke in such a system. One should be
    able to board a bus in western Albemarle and arrive at the city transportation center
    where transfer to a city bus could be inexpensive, or as in most metropolitan areas
    free. Imagine being able to board a bus in Crozet and connect to the train for
    Washington or New York or Boston without having to pay $8.00 or more per day to
    park at the train station.

    It seems to me that the primary obstacle to such service is the political will on the
    part of both city and county officials to work together to make it happen. One or two
    buses from the city’s fleet for two or three hours morning and evening could provide
    adequate service to determine the feasibility of the program. A six month to one
    year pilot program should tell the story. The county might offer to pay to the CAT
    system the difference between the cost of providing the service beyond what the
    fares would generate. Another potential obstacle is public perception. Many in our
    community view public transportation as the last resort for people too poor to own
    a car. In most localities with successful public transportation systems public transit
    is viewed as a smart, efficient, cost effective, socially responsible alternative to
    private cars.

    The first best choice. While “jazzy”, fancy, buses could help to overcome
    such negative ideas something as easy and inexpensive as providing electric outlets
    and free wifi on board can provide the riders an opportunity to work or play while
    commuting, a strong incentive to use the bus and change public perception. If this
    idea proved feasible on the Crozet route one can easily imagine other county spokes
    from Hollymead, Scottsville, Stony Point. Yes there are other issues that would need
    to be addressed. Parking at pick up points primary among them. There are many
    parking opportunities empty Mon-Fri during business hours in the Crozet area,
    Churches, until recently the Moose lodge, One thing we don’t lack in western
    Albemarle is open land areas this should not be a deal buster.

    I would like to suggest that Ms. Malleck include such a plan in her re-election
    campaign giving Crozet and the Whitehall District a firm stake in the future of
    Albemarle County and county/city partnerships.

  3. Oh my. The County already funds a bus service to Charlottesville. It is called JAUNT. There is plenty of room on these buses. Might not be fancy enough for you but, you should try it.
    Wanting the Govt using public funds to finance what you want. How original…

    Do you expect for this to be a free service?

    1. I’d expect to pay for it – much as anyone pays for the subway, bus, train, etc.

      As to Jaunt:


      “JAUNT operates regular, door-to-door service from Crozet to Charlottesville. Anyone may ride but all trips are by reservation (434.296.3184 x3).

      Service offered: Monday – Friday


      $4.00 each trip

      New! Mountainside Senior Living Residents may travel on the 9:00 AM bus to Charlottesville and the 2:00 PM bus from Charlottesville to Crozet for free!

      Leave Crozet 8:00 AM 9:00 AM 10:00 AM 12:00 PM 2:00 PM

      Return from Charlottesville 9:00 AM 11:00 AM 1:00 PM 2:00 PM 3:00 PM 5:00 PM

      1. Ok, a bus service already exists. Once the area is built out in the 20-30,000
        population range the economic reality will make public transportation on this
        scale possible. Until then you do have an option of bus service to Ch’ville.
        I am sure that they would love to have your support…
        On the subject of trains some people want to pull up the tracks and create a bikeway to town. To me decent jobs in Crozet would be a far better solution.
        Why travel to town if you can make enough money to live right here.

  4. Why I left Virginia 20 years ago and greatly appreciate public transport in Languedoc Roussillon, France…between villages and cities using public school buses and drivers.
    Makes it seem like dark ages here. Also a very advanced website for ridesharing focused to France called Co-voituage…for anyone interested. Trying to get a grip with bicycle living outside crozet, but think I’m wilting and giving up before succumbing to burning more carbon monoxide in another private smog mobile.. move back to another place…new england or france where can get along. My absolute best regards , luck and confidence to yourselves. Personally think this is the priority to become civilised. Otherwise we are living as heathens…the perception throughout Europe with our over consumption. Maybe a rideshare board at mudhouse, library.? My Best Regards. Mary

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