Safe Routes to School Delayed by (only) a Week

Snow happens.

“The purpose of this project is to provide safe pedestrian access along Crozet Avenue from the Crozet Elementary School to Ballard Drive. Drainage improvements, a sidewalk and a curb-and-gutter will be constructed along the west side including a pedestrian crossing at the school

Construction was scheduled to begin on Monday, March 2, however, inclement weather will delay the project start by one week. The project schedule, weather permitting, is now as follows:
3/9/2015 – Start of Construction (mobilization)
7/7/2015 – Substantial Completion
8/6/2015 – Final Completion
For more information regarding this project, please contact Frank Pohl, Senior Project Manager, by phone (434)-872-4501 x 7914 or by email [email protected].”

Background and history.

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5 Replies to “Safe Routes to School Delayed by (only) a Week”

  1. Since generations of children have walked safely to school in Crozet this can be delayed
    forever with no ill effects. Unless your a politician who wants to make up an issue that
    does not exist.

    1. It’s not a case of a “politician making up an issue,” it’s the community wanting something, something being promised to them, and the government delivering something. Simple.

      1. It’s really not that simple when you consider who is claiming to represent
        the community. Who was it promised to and who even asked for it.
        Fact is that generations of children have walked safely to school in Crozet.
        Has that fact changed?

          1. It is not an issue with infrastructure improvements. It is an issue of what is really needed, who is going to pay for it and, the constant
            manipulation of words to get something paid for. If Crozet were to incorporate and actually pay for the wants of a few it would be easier
            to accept. Since there is not an unsafe situation existing why lie about
            it to get what you want??? Since you were impressed with the Greenwood Community Center do you know any of the history?
            How it came to be? It is an example of what community was before
            the influx.

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