Add Your Own Event to the Crozet Calendar

Eventually I’ll add a widget or something to the side of the blog making finding this feature easier but in the meantime … I’ve opened up the calendar feature on the site to allow anyone to add their own events.

Add your own event to the Crozet Calendar here.

For PTO events, vineyards, Old Trail community events, music at Fardowners or Southern Way Cafe – or Starr Hill’s  tasting room – or church events or whatever. I’d love this calendar to become more of a hub for the Crozet community than it already is.

Adding an event is easy, and takes less than two minutes.

A couple tips for adding events to the Crozet calendar:

– times are in 24 hour time. (1800 = 6pm)

– Please upload a photo if you have one.

– if I’m missing a category, please let me know

– Add the date to the title! Example – Bike to School Day – 7 May 2014 – I’m hoping we can make the calendar live long enough where we have duplicate events over the years.

– Please please please don’t abuse this. Thank you.

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