The May 2014 Crozet Gazette is Out!

3 Replies to “The May 2014 Crozet Gazette is Out!”

  1. Volunteers would solve the staffing issue at the Library/Municipal building.
    I know of more than a few people that would be happy to donate their time.
    Issue the call and they will come…
    Don’t be surprised if Mr. Stoner sells the property. It is already zoned
    industrial. How about a Western Albemarle Recycling Center?
    Time to get the BOS and County staff involved with this. What is this obsession with building apartments next to a train track? Crozet is safe
    apartments or not. When you increase the population there is always a chance that you can increase the crime. You can not chooses who you get. And, the Gazette is not a newspaper…

    1. Thanks, Jim! We appreciate the links. And, thanks, Mr. Strauss. I guess if we aren’t a “newspaper” I’ll settle for just being the “best.”;)

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