CCAC Meeting – 21 January 2015

For those of you who’ll be tweeting and following along … the hashtag will be #CCAC0115.

1 – How cool would it be if they needed a bigger room at Crozet Library?

2 – Remember; the meeting has a hard ending as the Library closes at 9pm.

Agenda after the break; bolding mine.


The Crozet Library, Crozet

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


  1. Agenda Review. (Meg Holden – CCAC chair)
  2. Approval of Minutes.
  3. Project Updates/Information:

• Streetscape updates/issues, safe walks to school, Harris Teeter Crossing

  • Scott Collins to discuss neighborhood rezoning in Foothills Crossings.
  • Update on Barnes lumber – Frank Stoner
  • If time permits continue to brainstorm on development issues and ideas and hear more from Kim Connolly and Dave Stoner on economic development for Crozet.

4. Prepare to nominate/elect officers, discuss idea of a nominating committee. Try to elect in February.

5. Discuss new term application renewal process and how it relates to election.  Emily Kilroy

6. Decide on ombudsman for a specialty areas or begin the dialogue. Come up with a list of areas.

7. Discuss possibility of having another meeting and bringing together a larger community group to work on Downtown development, perhaps “Charette Style”.

8. If time permits continue to brainstorm development issues and ideas led by Dave Stoner and Kim Connolly.

9. Other items not on agenda.

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