CCAC Meeting 21 January 2015 – Foothills Rezoning and More

A large crowd showed up, including Charlottesville Tomorrow and NBC 29 to hear and learn about the proposed Foothill Crossing rezoning.

A great discussion was held, mainly with community members expressing the need and desire for infrastructure in Crozet as the developer described how the rezoning will route traffic through Westhall, Foothills, Westlake Hills, and Parkside Village.

What followed was a  pretty good discussion about economic growth & development in Crozet, the future of downtown Crozet, what Crozetians want,  what the community can and will support and more.

I’ll update this when Charlottesville Tomorrow,NBC 29, and Crozet Gazette  post their stories.

If you want to learn and exert your opinion/influence, come to these meetings. Again. And again. And again.

Storify story recapping all of the tweets after the break. Please, please read them all and get involved.


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