Let’s find this stolen bike, Crozet [Update: FOUND!]

Update 28 September 2015:

The bike has been found!



via facebook:



Dear Crozet Friends, Owen’s bike was STOLEN out of our YARD last night. It’s a Fuji, 21-speed mountain bike, Thrill SE, blue, 17 inch frame (I think), disc breaks, and all. It’s BLUE, and the frame to me always looked really thick and sturdy, with FUJI written across it. I’m working on getting photos. Owen saved and bought this with his own money less than a month ago. If anyone has any information, please, please, let us know. Aside from that, know that someone came IN OUR YARD to steal a bike, and as you know, that’s not easy to do (no way to park on the street… they either had to actually pull in our driveway or park at least a house away, and walk through 2 yards to take it). Owen is crushed. Neighborhood friends, please be on the lookout. … We will make a police report. Owen’s bike looks a lot like this, but smaller frame.

I had my first “adult” bike stolen off my front porch several years ago; it’s a crappy feeling and I hope we can find this kid’s bike.


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  1. Thank you, Jim. Also, if you see the bike, and want to report directly to the police, please do so to Officer Jeffrey Turner, case number A201507769, [email protected], 434-972-4059 (voicemail), 434-296-4059 (headquarters). I really appreciate anyone’s help. Owen is just devastated. -Carrie Rountrey

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