Brownsville Is Getting a New Principal

Two stories here:

1 – Brownsville’s principal is leaving 1 December to become the Director of Accountability & Research

2 – What does a Director of Accountability & Research do?

Just received via email – *

“Dear Members of Our Brownsville Community:

I would like to be the first to share some news with you that impacts our school division and, most particularly, Brownsville.

This afternoon, our division will announce my appointment as the Director of Accountability & Research, and I will be moving to our central office in Charlottesville. The effective date of my appointment is December 1.

My new assignment will give me the chance to work with principals and faculty across our division to improve upon and expand student learning.

The division immediately will begin a search for my successor with a goal of making a decision no later than next spring. As is our division’s practice, you will have an opportunity to participate in the search process through an online survey. Your views on the qualities you value in your next principal will matter a great deal to the search committee.

Barbara Edwards, who retired from our school division after serving for 12 years as principal at Broadus Wood Elementary School, will serve as our interim principal while the search is being completed. I will be working diligently with her to ensure a successful transition.

My five years as your principal have been beyond exhilarating. Our students and staff have earned impressive awards; we unveiled a technology learning center that is a showcase not just in our division, but for our state and nation; we have become among the largest and, I would argue, one of the most successful elementary schools in our country.

But more meaningful than all of these important achievements is the excitement, enthusiasm and energy that welcomes me to Brownsville every day. I love our students, admire our dedicated staff, and am grateful for the incredible support our parents and guardians provide to us. It is your support that makes so many wonderful things possible for our students.

Thank you for being such an important contributor to our school community, which continues to make it possible for our school to build upon its remarkable tradition of excellence.

Best wishes for a highly enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday.


India Haun”

What is “Director of Accountability and Research?” you ask?

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2015 Crozet Angel Tree – 203 Kids in Need

2014, there were 240 kids. This year, it’s 203. Come on, Crozet. We can do this.

This year:

Its Angel Tree time again… Each holiday season school counselors at the local elementary, middle and high schools in Crozet partner with Crozet Baptist Church to provide clothing items to children in need. The need is great this year with 203 children identified as needing support this holiday season.

Please consider partnering with us and sponsoring an angel, or a family of angels. This is a great project to do with your children or at your place of employment. UNWrapped gifts are due to Crozet Baptist Church by November 29th. Please contact Tracey Pugh at [email protected] to find out more about this wonderful program.

Thank you Jim!

Believing the Best,



Update 27 November … Help is needed!

Angel Tree 2015 Update

Many thanks to all those who have already said YES to Angel Tree 2015, we are so encouraged and excited, and appreciate the caring people in our local community.  However, there is still work to be done! As of this morning, Black Friday, there are still 77 angels in need of support. (Remember, these are all children in the Crozet area referred to us by guidance counselor and family support workers.) Due to this large number, we have extended the deadline to Friday, Dec 4. Please contact Tracey Pugh, [email protected] to support an Angel today.

Upcoming Ann Mallek Town Halls

Ann Mallek’s town halls are a good way to get informed and share your opinion with our Board of Supervisor representative.

From Ann:

What is on your mind? Please come and share your priorities for the county. What should be included in the fiscal year 2017 budget? How quickly should we re-acquire our capital investment program for county facilities? Choices must be made.

Three town halls to choose from:


CATHalf Trail Marathon – 14 November 2014

If  you’ve not heard about the trails at the Miller School, and you like trail running, this Saturday morning is an opportunity to run on their amazing trails, and benefit Miller School’s Endurance program.
The Charlottesville Area Trail Runners (CATs) is a local organization that not only enjoys off-road running, but also has the objective of helping develop and maintain local trail networks. CATs are very excited to work with MSA for this inaugural race, and we have ambitions to grow the event in coming years.

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Another Hotel (attempt) in Crozet?

In 2013, the results of a very-unscientific survey showed that a lot of Crozetians recognized the need for a hotel in Crozet.

Early in 2013, a hotel was announced to be coming to Old Trail.

Then, the hotel plans stopped in 2014.

I’ll ask this – for those of you who’ve been here for six months, six years, or sixty+ years, please, try to not have a knee-jerk reaction one way or the other to the hotel.

Yes, traffic and infrastructure needs to be addressed. Yes, the market seems to show that we need/can support a hotel. And yes, and Crozet is going to grow.

Now, the Downtown Crozet Initiative is asking for the community’s thoughts on a boutique hotel in Downtown Crozet.

There’s a great conversation on the RealCrozetVA facebook page about this.

What do you think? Hotel in downtown Crozet?