Another Hotel (attempt) in Crozet?

In 2013, the results of a very-unscientific survey showed that a lot of Crozetians recognized the need for a hotel in Crozet.

Early in 2013, a hotel was announced to be coming to Old Trail.

Then, the hotel plans stopped in 2014.

I’ll ask this – for those of you who’ve been here for six months, six years, or sixty+ years, please, try to not have a knee-jerk reaction one way or the other to the hotel.

Yes, traffic and infrastructure needs to be addressed. Yes, the market seems to show that we need/can support a hotel. And yes, and Crozet is going to grow.

Now, the Downtown Crozet Initiative is asking for the community’s thoughts on a boutique hotel in Downtown Crozet.

There’s a great conversation on the RealCrozetVA facebook page about this.

What do you think? Hotel in downtown Crozet?


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One Reply to “Another Hotel (attempt) in Crozet?”

  1. The problem is not a hotel. It is the way these things come about. Being an unincorporated
    community there needs to be structure first. Crozet needs to really become a town with a charter and elected officials that respond to the needs of the people. Self appointed, self
    serving people are of no benefit to any community. Nobody knows what the majority of
    people want in Crozet. Crozet needs to become a town with known boundaries, a charter,
    and elected officials. A Hotel can come after that. I would prefer to see some industry come to replace what we have lost…

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