Crozet Cycling Club – Now with More Options


Crozet Cycling Club

We live in an amazing place

The Crozet Cycling Club has been pretty successful so far.

Now, upon request, we’re offering a few more options. (noted on the Crozet Calendar earlier this week)

Mondays and Thursdays, the Crozet Cycling Club will ride between 5-10 miles at a comfortable pace around Crozet.  We’ll meet at Mudhouse at 9am and leave by 9:02.

We’ll figure out the route, but most likely will include Mudhouse to Railroad Avenue to Mint Springs, back down to Lanetown Road and then Jarmans Gap.

Importantly – My goal for these groups is to connect Crozetians who want to ride bicycles together. If this group is too slow or the ride too slow, please, connect and ride at other times. If it’s not the right time, I bet there’s a right time for you and someone else. Really!

The Crozet Cycling Club google group is a great place to ask for rides.

The only requirements are a bicycle, helmet, and a desire to ride our beautiful roads!

Find the Crozet Cycling Club on Strava.

Learn more about the Crozet Cycling club here.

Interested? Please let me know – email or call me anytime – [email protected] or 434-242-7140.


This is key. My first rule of safety when riding a bicycle is, “don’t be a butthead.” Be smart, ride defensively and respectfully, and don’t deliberately interfere with people driving cars. A few tips I’ve picked up:

  • Please wear identification such as a Road ID. I cannot stress this enough.
  • Ride single file when necessary.
  • Riding in pairs is ok so long as there’s not traffic behind you. When there is traffic behind, ride single file.
  • Wear a helmet
  • Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing, whatever that may be.
  • Signal your intentions when riding (left turn, right turn, braking)
  • Have a light on your bicycle if you’re riding in non-daylight hours.
  • Other tips? Please leave them in the comments.
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