Crozet Cycling Club – Now with Kits!

“Who knew when we started riding together once a week, we’d end up riding 6 days a week?” — said last week after one of our rides.

It started nearly a year ago with a blog post and a standing ride, leaving at 6am on Wednesdays at the Crozet Mudhouse. Our first ride was 22 April 2015; happily, more than one person showed up!

Then a group on Strava and a Google Group. — If you want to join us, please ask to join the Google Group.

And we rode.

And we enjoy the extraordinary landscape of Western Albemarle (and surrounding areas).

Now we have a logo.

Crozet Cycling Club


And … if you’re interested, you can order Crozet Cycling kits! (the store closes on 26 October) We’re pretty excited about these!

Crozet Cycling Club Jersey
Crozet Cycling Club Jersey


Personally, riding with this group has made this year better, made my riding more fun, and has better connected me to Crozet.





And yes, we are illuminated when we ride; this (is sped up) is from a ride to Sugar Hollow recently.


Crozet Cycling Club – a force of brightness. #crozet

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3 Replies to “Crozet Cycling Club – Now with Kits!”

  1. I’m trying to get information and/or contact information on the “slow” bike rider group. I believe there used to be such a group.
    I’m interested in training for the Boys and Girls ride. I’ve completed the ride (50) miles each of the last few years, but would like to join a
    group that I could train with, and hopefully increase the distance and improve my performance. Thanks, mpm

  2. I’m new to the area and live near Dick Woods road. Love cycling and have been riding for over forty years. Would love to join one of your group rides

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