Adelaide Neighborhood Public Meeting

Adelaide Development Neighbor Notification

I had intended to post this letter a couple weeks ago from the proposed Adelaide developer.  Since then, the Cory Farm HOA have gotten together and written a letter outlining some of their concerns. Both are below.

So as to not bury the lede, the CCAC meeting where this development will be discussed is Wednesday, 16 December at the Crozet Library.

Letter from Kyle Redinger,  “a developer who grew up in Albemarle County, attended Western Albemarle High School and have been an entrepreneur in the community for over a decade. I have lived in our community for over 30 years. ” (PDF).

Letter from the HOA to the CCAC of the adjacent neighborhood, Cory Farm.

Crozet is going to grow, folks. We are a growth area. How we grow is, in part, up to us. In part.

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