Western Albemarle Rescue Squad has a new Toolbox

Technically, it’s a Heavy Rescue truck, but apparently they call it a toolbox.

Heavy Rescue’s (sic) carry large quantities of tools, chains, air bags, lights, large cribbing/shoring, hydraulic equipment, ropes, rigging, air, and lighting. Fire trucks tend to carry limited amounts of the above lighting but in very technical situations you need more that was is typically carried. The Vehicle’s primary function is vehicle rescue/extrication. It has the capabilities to provide large scale scene lighting, mobile SCBA (air bottles) refills, ropes and rigging, large vehicle extrication and shoring, and large scale lifting of vehicles, tractor trailers, and even train cars. Most refer to a heavy rescue as a large moving toolbox.

All I know is that I’m always grateful (having never having used their services) that they are there.

A little patience and a few extra eyes making sure the truck fit in the building without any problems. Worked like a charm!

Posted by Western Albemarle Rescue Squad on Sunday, February 7, 2016

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