7 April’s Downtown Crozet Initiative Meeting Wrap-Up

The Downtown Crozet Initiative met on Thursday; they are meeting again on 5 May at Noon at the Crozet Library. This is the stuff that will shape Downtown Crozet for lifetimes.

This is the agenda for the 7 April meeting.

Big thanks to Arthur Wollam for the following information! (all links added by me)

“This was my first meeting. There was no pre-meeting introductions but I seemed to be the only ‘new’ attendee. These meetings are open to all. I signed an attending roster with name, phone, and email.

A drive is underway to make the Crozet Community Association a 501c3 non-profit. The application for this is complete or nearly so. The DCI needs the CCA to be a 501c3. Several members of the CCA agreed.

Frank Stoner stated that his partnership plans to complete the RFP for the Crozet Civic Space (Phase 1 of the Barnes Redevelopment effort) by 1 May. The RFP will be out for consideration for 30 days. The desire is to attract 7-9 design firms to submit design proposals. The DCI will consider all proposals and winnow these down to perhaps 2 firms selected to complete a final design for the Civic Space due by end of September 2016. The selected firm would complete its final design by end of 2016. Milestone Partners will fund this process.

The parallel process to get the Barnes site rezoned by Albemarle County is underway. Milestone Partners has prepared the re-zoning proposal. An initial reading of the rezoning proposal is hoped for within 3 months and voted on within 6 months.

A market study is needed to gain AC approval for Phase II of the Barnes redevelopment. The total cost of the Market Study is estimated at $30,000. Mr. Stoner believes the County should fund a third of this study but acknowledged the group consensus that AC has no spare funds. Milestone will likely end up funding the Market Study.

Some discussion occurred of the likelihood that the Crozet Park Board would eventually take over management of the completed Phase I Civic Space. All agreed this would not happen until the CS was built.

The next DCI meeting will be at the Library on Thursday 5 May from 1200-1330.”


The members of the DCI Planning Committee:

Mary Beth Bowen, Crozet Resident and Partner of Hive Creative Group

Meg Holden, Crozet Resident and Former Chair, Crozet Community Advisory Committee

Beth Bassett, Crozet Resident and Realtor, Roy Wheeler

Scott Stinson, Owner, Stinson Vineyards and Adjacent Property Owner

Dave Stoner, Chair, Crozet Community Advisory Committee

Frank Stoner, Crozet New Town Associates and Milestone Partners

Tim Tolson, Chair, Crozet Community Association


Editor’s note: it’s interesting that no residents of Parkside Village , which will be greatly affected by this redevelopment (where I live)  nor other nearby neighborhoods are on the group.

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