World-Class Fields in Albemarle County?

Athletic fields in Charlottesville – Albemarle have been deteriorating for years. I’ve played and coached soccer on them for 15+ years, but this year seems to be one of the worst yet. These fields are used not just for soccer, but by nearly 300 6th graders every day!

Last week, I took my spray paint to highlight the exposed sprinkler head, but the field was so muddy that the sprinkler was covered.

This week, the field had mostly dried, and the sprinkler was prominent in the middle of the “field.”

I wish I had a solution to offer, but I don’t. I know that the fields are dangerous and overused. It would be easy to point fingers and lay blame, but I’m more interested in finding a solution.


Soccer Saturday in Albemarle County. Note the exposed sprinkler head. (I remembered my paint today)

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If the fields are dangerous, cancel practice.

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3 Replies to “World-Class Fields in Albemarle County?”

  1. couldn’t agree with you more – Crozet Park’s soccer field is another example of field that used to look great but now is a MESS.
    I find it odd that the baseball fields always are in great repair and well tended but the same crews are supposed to handle all the fields in the county. So why the big slip in quality from ball fields to soccer/general fields? Things that make you say HMMMMMMM……,.

  2. “the baseball fields always are in great repair and well tended”

    If you are talking about the outfield grass, it is simply a matter of traffic. The county cuts the outfield grass. And when they can’t get to it, volunteers cut it. If you are talking infields, volunteers pour hours into those to keep them in shape. The county drags them, maybe 1x a week.

    Baseball fields get a chance to heal and repair. Is there ever an opportunity on the soccer field to repair the turf? My suspicion is that the only solution is to re-sod or turf it. And I’m sure that comes down to money.

    1. Fair enough – good answer, I also suspect SOCA isn’t working with county on maintaining. I know Peachtree works with the county with volunteers and it shows. I think its all about being local.
      thanks for the comment – I still think that the county needs to maintain and do better on all the fields. I would rather see them bid mowing out and use their folks to do big projects of aeration, overseeding, watering etc.

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