CCAC Meeting Wrap-up 20 April 2016

CCAC Meeting - 20 April 2016
CCAC Meeting at Crozet Library – 20 April 2016


Whew. You shoulda been there.

  • New members (video below) — these are the people who have volunteered to represent Crozetians. I think it’s important to know these folks.
  • Big growth discussion
  • Some Cory Farm residents are very opposed to Adelaide.

As always, read the tweets. Lots and lots of good discussion there.

Documents from Adelaide developer

Read the tweets. Scroll down, click through, and make your way back up.



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One Reply to “CCAC Meeting Wrap-up 20 April 2016”

  1. Thanks for reporting Jim! Was hoping to make it to this meeting, but couldn’t make it work. As always, thanks for keeping Crozet informed!

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