Sidewalks on 250 Near Harris Teeter?


Sidewalks on 250?


From the Albemarle County page:

The Rockfish Gap Turnpike/Rt. 250 W sidewalk construction will take place on both sides of the Rockfish Gap Turnpike from Clover Lawn Lane to Radford Lane, and on the north side of Rockfish Gap Turnpike from Radford Lane to Cory Farm Road, and along the east side of Cory Farm Road from Rockfish Gap Turnpike to Little Fox Lane.

Forecasted Schedule

Public Hearing: October 10, 2016

Right of Way Authorization: February 2017

Right of Way Acquisition Complete: October 2017

Ad for Construction: March 2018

Construction Activities: Spring / Summer 2018

Targeted Construction Completion: Fall 2018





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4 Replies to “Sidewalks on 250 Near Harris Teeter?”

  1. Trying to be realist here – that schedule is fantasy. More likely 2019-2020 look how long it took to get sidewalk widened to Crozet Elementary. Ann asked yesterday why staff missed deadlines that would have funded things earlier. Yes, it’s a good thing and needed.

  2. Kinda hard to take you as a realist since you are anonymous.
    Why is the schedule fantasy and why are they needed to start with? Will people drive to this little patch of sidewalk to walk on it? Since an asphalt parking lot already exists there what is the point when the money could be used elsewhere??? Widening the
    pathway to the Field School is a great achievement of local Govt.
    and the source of much head shaking and laughter….

  3. A sidewalk would be much more useful from the Westlake Hills/Westhall/Brookwood neighborhoods to Crozet park. There are tons of pedestrians walking along the road during the summer now, and with more and more homes going in, its a hairy situation that could be greatly improved with the addition of a sidewalk. I just don’t see the proposed sidewalks along 250 being of much use.

    A traffic light at the Teeter/250 intersection would probably be a good thing at this point though. That intersection is dangerous, as evidenced by the regular accidents.

    1. What is the regular accident evidence? Once a week, once a month,
      twice a day? Surely there most be some evidence if the area is truly dangerous…

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