Crozet Board of Trade Meeting 11-21-2016 Recap

Quite a few business owners at Pro Re Nata tonight for the Crozet Board of Trade meeting.

  • One of the new Great Value owners spoke
  • VDOT guy talked about roads and possible changes/improvements in and around Crozet
  • Lots of good information about the new Crozet Master Plan survey
  • Good post-meeting discussions ensued.

I’d planned to pull out a few select tweets here, but “few select tweets” became at least 10 … so,  please click through, scroll to the bottom of the tweets, and make your way back up. Also, note the Crozet Gazette’s recording!)

Then come to the next CBOT meeting, and if nothing else, be aware of – and participate in – the Crozet Master Plan update the Crozet Community Association (CCA), Crozet Community Advisory Committee (CCAC), and Crozet Board of Trade (CBOT) are doing.



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