Fixing the Hum at Yancey Lumber

Here’s the website the lumberyard has set up for sharing information about the hum.

via press release (bolding below is mine)


CROZET, VA (Oct. 23, 2018) – R.A. Yancey Lumber Company (Yancey Lumber) announced today that lumber production will scale back significantly beginning this evening in response to the noise disturbances reported by neighborhoods surrounding the mill. The noise is stemming from the exhaust stack of the boiler for the company’s kilns. The company has ordered a custom-made sound muffler for the stack as a solution; however, it is estimated it will take two weeks to manufacture and ship. Until the muffler is installed, the kiln will run in “pilot light mode,” allowing the boiler to maintain enough heat at night to power up and treat lumber during the day, but halting all lumber curing operations at night.

Local citizens began reporting noise disturbances in neighboring communities last month. Several companies – Yancey and Dominion, among others – were approached about the source of the noise. At that time, Yancey Lumber did not believe the mill was the source, as no new equipment had been installed. A kiln was refurbished in August, but that kiln had been used since 1992 with no prior complaints. Given the community’s concerns, Yancey Lumber hired Acentech, an acoustical consulting firm, to investigate and measure sound levels at the mill and properties of several neighbors who had reported disturbances.

On Wednesday, Oct. 17, Acentech determined that the noise’s origin was the Yancey boiler’s exhaust stack. The company immediately began attempting to source the right equipment to muffle or cancel the noise. It has ordered a “silencer” insert that will be custom built on an expedited basis. In the meantime, the company has been making adjustments to the drive frequency of the boiler fan to reduce its speed; however, based on the reports, the reduction did not have the intended effect.

The Yancey family has owned and operated the mill in Crozet since 1949. “We are committed to being a good neighbor and community member,” said President Donnie Rose. “We are extremely sorry for the disturbances and sleepless nights the kiln has caused. We want the community to know that we’re doing everything we can to keep that from happening again.”

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2 Replies to “Fixing the Hum at Yancey Lumber”

  1. Though we have never been disturbed by this humming or even been aware of it we appreciate the Yancey organization’s honesty, efforts, and willingness to accept the responsibility and financial burden to mitigate the problem. They exemplify what it is to be a good corporate citizen and contributing member of our community, we are lucky to have them. Maybe we could get their management team to go down the street a short distance to provide some much needed mentoring for the owners of Re-Store-N-Station. If only we knew ahead of time the “Re” in the name meant “Re”- apply, “Re”- request, “Re”-demand, “Re”- abuse the neighbors. Too bad once the ink on the permits dried it was too late to RE-Move them from Crozet.

  2. And, how many times has Old Trail and other tract housing units reapply for
    what they want? Do they take responsibility for the damage that they cause?
    How is Legacy any worse than the beer joint that is next to it? Too bad that
    tract housing cannot be removed from the area around Crozet.
    In what universe do tract housing not attract business like the gas station or
    beer joint? When you say “we” who do you include?
    If you knew ahead of time what would YOU actually of done to try and stop
    the gas station? Which, of course, does not hum…

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