WAHS’ New Principal: Jason Lee

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Dear Members of our Western Albemarle High School Staff and Community:

Earlier this evening, our School Board approved the appointment of Jason Lee as your new principal, effective July 1. Mr. Lee succeeds Dr. Patrick McLaughlin, who will be returning to his role as the division’s Chief of Strategic Planning, also on July 1.

Please join me in expressing our appreciation to Dr. McLaughlin for his leadership during this past year, which supported the continuing exceptional performance of Western’s students, faculty and staff.

Mr. Lee’s professional credentials impressed our search committee, which included teachers, students and parents who participated in the interview process. His strengths as a leader closely matched the qualities that you identified as most important in our community survey. He brings excellent interpersonal skills, a broad range of administrative experience, and a focus on developing the highest potential of every student, teacher, and staff member.

Of particular importance is his strong support for inclusion in his advocacy for our culturally responsive teaching strategies and programs and, in his role as assistant principal at Albemarle High School, in contributing to the development of new high school learning experiences. As we enhance the variety of classes available to students and our emphasis on student-selected projects and community service, Mr. Lee will bring valuable insight and energy to making these choices available to all students.

As Albemarle High School’s assistant principal, Mr. Lee has the opportunity to closely work with Darah Bonham, your former principal. Mr. Bonham shared, “I immediately was impressed with Mr. Lee, especially the care and attention he provides to our students. He is a responsive leader who listens to and takes input from all stakeholders. He will bring this quality to Western and it will be invaluable in moving the school forward.”

Mr. Lee’s professional career spans nearly 20 years, including serving as a teacher or administrator in four school divisions in our state. He is a graduate of Longwood University and received his master’s in education from Liberty University.

You can read more about Mr. Lee in our news release, which will be issued later this evening. Once we are able, we will provide opportunities for the staff, students and community to meet Mr. Lee in person.

Thank you,

Dr. Clare Keiser
Assistant Superintendent

Message from Jason Lee

Dear Western Albemarle Students, Faculty, Staff and Parents:

Earlier this evening, the School Board approved my appointment as your next principal, beginning July 1.

This truly is the pinnacle achievement of my nearly 20-year career, one for which I am so thankful. As a part of the Charlottesville/Albemarle community, I have a deep level of admiration for the excellence that defines this school community. It is a privilege to have this opportunity to contribute to your future accomplishments.

My passion for education and its primary role in ensuring the success of all students has shaped my service as a mentor, teacher, coach and administrator. In each role, I have sought to provide students with high-quality learning experiences and ensure equitable access across all programs.

As your principal, I will be committed to developing lifelong partnerships with each of you. My focus is on creating a culture of care in which everyone feels loved, appreciated and respected. I want everyone to grow in their professional and personal development to their fullest potential.

I ask that as a team, you join me in one simple commitment, BELIEVE! Believe in ourselves! Believe in each other! And lastly, Believe in the process!

I am excited to be a Warrior because I know that, as successful as you have been, the best is yet to come.

One of the highlights from my time as Albemarle High School’s assistant principal is the opportunity I have had to serve on our division’s senior leadership team with Dr. McLaughlin. I want to express my congratulations to him for providing a strong foundation for our school’s future success.

I am excited about the dynamic work we will achieve in the years to come, and I very much look forward to being a valued member of the Warrior family!

Stay safe.


Jason Lee

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