What do you *Love* about living in Crozet?

I asked on Facebook and on Twitter.


The responses to “What do you love about living in Crozet?” were great.

  • Nature (access to great trails and hiking, beautiful skies, etc), the people, the pace…
  • I don’t live there now but I loved looking at the mountains first thing every day
  • Trails, green space, views, more rural, less congested
  • So many awesome options to be outside with kids- parks, picking fruit/pumpkins, vineyards, and the views all over! All with a small town vibe
  • Waking up each day to see what show the mountains were putting on for me (I moved away a couple of months ago). I miss the mountains the most.
  • That fact that no matter the weather, Fardowners will be open.
  • With the exception of downslope windstorms, (which won’t return probably till late fall) the weather, the mix of people& their can-do attitude. Right now I think the downtown crozet initiative (DCI) is doing an excellent job and we are going to see a transformation downtown!
  • Mountains, PRN, people, King Family, Chiles, short drive to either Cville or the Valley, and on and on and on. But best of all, great place to raise a family.
  • Small town energy and ease while being 20 minutes from Charlottesville and UVA. Specifically love the walkability, biking, access to parks and trails. And Starr Hill.

Look, Crozet has challenges. All places do. But our home is a great place to live.

What do you love about Crozet?

For me?

Crozet has been a great place to live with my family, and now my older one and her family are back with their kid. To watch lightning bugs from our patio, and hear the frogs’ chorus.

I love representing people moving to or from Crozet.

I love being able to ride my bike 5 minutes, and hear nothing but the sounds of tires and pavement, running water, see horses, mountains, or ride longer to the top of Afton Mountain. To ride with friends and cross paths with others riding or running around Crozet.

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4 Replies to “What do you *Love* about living in Crozet?”

  1. This is pretty specific, but our daughter takes a lot of medication and we fill most of her prescriptions at Parkway Pharmacy. I love that it’s so close and that we can reliably talk to the pharmacist when we need to. They’ve gone out of their way to help us out in several pinches, in a way that I’m not sure we would have been similarly helped by chain pharmacies.

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