Bodo’s Bagels in Crozet

Not the store, but the bagels.

I stopped into Trailside Coffee this morning and was greeted with smiles and a surprise: they now are picking up Bodo’s Bagels in Charlottesville and bringing them to Crozet … hopefully every morning.

Had I paid attention to their Twitter feed, I would have seen the news.

BODO’S Bagels are here! that’s right, I said it! We got them so come and get em!. Bodo’s!!!!! that was the secret fyi:)

The logistics are still being worked out and perfected, but the bagels were there this morning and will hopefully be there tomorrow as well.

Thanks to Trailside for bringing more civilization to Crozet. 🙂

What would you like Trailside to bring? They have Carpe Donuts and Chap’s ice cream

Note to the FTC: I paid for my coffee.