What Businesses Should Come to Crozet?

received these outstanding questions via email –

I would love for you to query Crozet residents on what kinds of businesses they think would:

1.            Be sources of livable wage employment in Crozet
2.            Act as a magnet for other businesses to locate nearby
3.            Or might develop a niche or theme (“X”) to attract similar businesses and customers and bring people to downtown Crozet because it is known for X.

I am looking for serious suggestions that consider the financial viability of those businesses being able to succeed and thrive and grow here.

Let’s think about these questions, and think about the actual viability of the businesses. I’d also suggest that we be open to larger employers, and understand that good growth is going to come to someone’s backyard. If you really don’t want it in your backyard, buy said yard. We do live in a growth area.

Update: good comments on the accompanying Facebook post. On a personal note, I’d say that anything we can do to dissuade homogenous chains (by encouraging locally owned small businesses) would be a million times better than the alternative.

We’ve had similar conversations before, but never been prodded to think about financial viability. Please do consider that whatever business you want needs to make a profit. These three posts have a lot of background and useful comments.

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