More than 12,000 people in Crozet …

This outstanding report by Charlottesville Tomorrow shows what the County apparently is unable to accurately determine and/or admit to.

While nobody can predict accurately the speed with which those homes will be built and occupied, it is news that County staff are bringing this to the attention of the Board.  On paper, the twenty-year Crozet Master Plan approved in December 2004 has crossed the threshold of a population of 12,000 people.

Go read the report, educate yourself and contact your representative in Albemarle County and ask them what integrity means to them.

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3 Replies to “More than 12,000 people in Crozet …”

  1. Jim, thanks for picking up this story. The news in my mind is that this isn’t Charlottesville Tomorrow’s analysis, but rather the County staff’s. The fact that the threshold has been crossed is certainly not news to the Crozet activists who have been tracking these numbers and insisting on regular updates on the totals. I just picked up on the County’s conclusion in the Liberty Hall staff report and the table comes straight out of that County document. This is the first written report I have seen that says all the approved, proposed and by-right homes could result in a population over 12,000 people. Brian Wheeler

  2. Brian –

    thanks for this. That the Supervisors are not making a massive stink about this is shocking and saddening. Their relative silence is deafening.

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