Redistricting in Crozet

Crozet children and their families are facing another redistricting.

NBC 29 reports and the Daily Progress has more information.

From the DP:

The number of students who will be redistricted will be decided by Jan. 15, and school administrators will present parents with new boundary options the division is considering, said Diane Behrens, director of support and planning services for county schools.

The School Board will hold a public hearing in early March before it votes on the options.

Current elementary school districts are shown here on Albemarle’s website (PDF)

Crozet’s School Board representative can be reached here:

Barbara Massie Mouly
265 Newtown Road
Greenwood, VA 22943

Update: I neglected to mention that Brian Wheeler is also our school board representative, by virtue of his being the At-Large member of the School Board. I have said many times before that Brian’s openness and level of communication (and methods) ought to be emulated by more politicians.

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