Recycling, sidewalks, library, redistricting and more!

There is an awful lot on the agenda for tomorrow’s Crozet Community Association meeting, which start at 7:30 on Thursday:

-  Sidewalks/Streetscape plans-Lee Catlin

-  Library plans-Lee Catlin & Barbara Westbrook

-  Area schools redistricting discussion
            Barbara Massie Mouly, Brian Wheeler can’t attend tonight
            Crozet Elem. School public meeting on March 15 at 6:30;

            School Board decision on March 22.

-  Recycling-Michael Freitas & Jo Ann Perkins

-  CoHousing plan– Nancy Chappell

-  Old school and Depot suggestions from members 
          (At the last CCA meeting David Wayland asked members to come up with recommendations re. the future use of both of these buildings.)

-  Other business from members

For lots more on redistricting, sidewalks and more, pick up a copy of March’s Crozet Gazette (pdf) – especially the “artist’s rendering” of the potential streetscaping on the last page.

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