Recycling in Crozet Poll

With all the talk of recycling in Crozet and the discussion on the Crozet Community Association listserv, I figured I would post a poll here, hopefully for a centralized location for responses.

So, without further ado …

Update January 2019: the struck-through below used to be a polling plugin. It’s now defunct.


Please vote, tell and/or email your friends about this poll. For more information on what you can do to advocate for recycling in Crozet, read more here.

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8 Replies to “Recycling in Crozet Poll”

  1. Most of the attendees at the recent Crozet Community Association meeting indicated that they recycle and that they would support a station here. Many recommended the Waynesboro recycle center for its convenience and ease of transfer of materials. It’s near 340 North, I am told. The Crozet Community Advisory Council is also very much interested in seeing a center opened here. David Wyant said he would give us his support and help.

  2. David Wyant emailed me last night the following:

    I’ve been working on getting a recycle center in Crozet for some months.

    Thanks for your support of this effort.

    We’ll see …

  3. The Waynesboro site is located on the right side of Rt 340 (after you cross the rt 250 intersection) just after you go under the railroad tracks. Look for the sign on the right. It is very convenient and clean and It is manned by very helpful assistants that will be glad to give you a tour. Crozet refuge is welcome and I will use this site in the future (until Crozet gets its own) since it puts the McIntire site to shame.
    Crozet NOW has a population to support a state-of-the-art recycling center and that population will continue to grow. Not even considering the positive enviromental impact, we all want our roadways and community to be free of litter and discarded home furnishings. It makes no sense for each of us to drive 10+ miles to recycle. Given the time and gas money needed to commute to Charlottesville or Waynesboro, the Crozet community deserves to have a recycling center nearby.

    I hope each of us in Crozet will support the establishment and continual use of a local recycling center.


  4. Mac –

    Thank you for your comment and information.

    All I ask is that you email this poll to your friends, neighbors, etc . so that we can garner a favorable response to help convince those (the Supervisors) responsible for decision-making that this is what Crozet wants.


  5. I would love nothing more than to have a recycling center within easy reach of Crozet. If we had it today I’d use it. HOWEVER, just a couple of points: 1) Where do we rank this in terms of funding prority in that long list of infrastructure that we hear is coming, but that we (the county) just don’t yet have the $$ for? Do we put this above or below sidewalks to keep our kids and senior citizens safe, expansion of Brownsville Elementary, the new Library, and the 240/250 connector? And 2) A recycling center is like good cell phone reception; everyone wants it until they learn what they will have to put up with sometimes even in their own backyards in order to get it (like cell towers). If you vote for this, make sure that you are willing to accept it on your road or in your neighborhood…

  6. Don –

    That is the scenario that will prove to be the largest issue. Someone suggested to me the other day that “they” (presumably the County) put some recycling dumpsters at Crozet Park. That makes sense – it’s County property, a community hub and accessible. What are the chances of that ever happening? NIMBY’s are everywhere.

    James –

    I have been trying to call you for three days. Please contact me when you can.


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