Even more on Crozet recycling

From the CCA:

It is critical that we attend the Board of Supervisors meeting on April 4th at 6 PM to voice an opinion on the Recycle Center money staying in the CIP budget and that Crozet be the first selection for a center to maintain Crozet as a sustainable community.

Our arguments should be pointed towards:

1) Crozet has the largest population outside the urban ring around Charlottesville (in Albemarle County)
2) Albemarle County is committed to making Crozet growth area a sustainable community.
3) Environmentally speaking, Albemarle County is committed to protect the environment to guarantee a high quality of life for its citizens.  Reuse, reduce, and recycle are the 3 R’s they should be promoting.
4) Anything else you can think of———-


April 4 – 4:00 PM  sign up to speak on the second floor sign up sheet at County Office Building.  Even if you only say a canned speech, “I support the Crozet Recycle Center.  Please listen to us.  Short speeches are in order, but we need lots or one person making a speech and saying how many folks are there to support the Recycle Center and everyone who supports the concept stand and show an impact on the BOS by numbers of people willing to support.

April 4 – 6:00 PM  BOS meeting on the second floor (most likely in the Lane auditorium)  Public Hearing

April 11 – BOS set rate and approve budget with cuts etc

April—–May  BOS discuss more of the budget allotments

June—-BOS finalize the allotments

July 1  Money is available for the different departments as has been approved by the BOS

What has been done so far:

* Crozet Community Advisory Council (14 Crozet community members appointed by BOS have sent a resolution to the BOS to have Crozet selected)
* Mike Freitas (County public works director has spoken at the CCA and will be at the CCAC April 19th meeting to speak on recycling)
* Tabor Church has held two recycle meetings and has compiled a list of interested people on getting the center in Crozet (60 names)
* CCAC has a committee of 4 members working on how the community can help the county to make the recycle center fit the community needs.

Please plan on April 4th at 4 PM to sign up and 6 PM to speak.

Everything written here on realcrozetva about recycling can be found here.

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2 Replies to “Even more on Crozet recycling”

  1. Reminder: BOS meeting tonight (Wed. April 4)! If you want Crozet to be the site of the next recycling center in Albemarle County, please come voice your opinion. Polls are easy. Showing up is a little harder, but not so hard!

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