Crozet Zoning meeting

Add your voice to the discussion of what Downtown Crozet will look like. From the County:

May 10, 2007 — 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Crozet Fire Station

Crozet is a special place with a strong identity. If you participated in the Crozet Master Planning process, you will remember the saying we heard frequently: “all roads lead to downtown”. The Master Plan identified downtown as the largest and most important of the centers of residential and economic activity.

While a vision for downtown exists, the question still remains “How do we get there”? In response to this, Albemarle County has commissioned Community Planning and Design, in collaboration with Milt Herd and Bruce Dotson, to recommend zoning which will help implement the Master Plan vision for a thriving Downtown Crozet.

As part of this study we will be investigating existing limitations with the current code and best practices in communities of similar size and scale. Several alternatives will be presented to the community, and with your input one approach will be recommended for the county to adopt. This process will evolve over the next six months and will provide opportunities for community participation in developing the new zoning regulation.

Mark your calendars and make plans to participate in this important process.

Learn more at the County’s site. The agenda is below and here as a PDF.

So – here is the question – how do you envision Downtown Crozet?

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7:00 Sign-in
Participants sign in, make name tags, review materials, get refreshments and greet one another informally.

7:30 Welcome and Introductions
Introduction of Key Staff, Members of Steering Committee, and Consultant Team

7:40 Project Overview
Consultant provides a brief overview of the background and purpose of the current study. The overview will include a summary of existing conditions and resulting challenges and opportunities to implementing the Master Plan Vision. There will be time reserved for Q&A.

8:00 Group Discussion
We are interested in hearing your thoughts about:
1. Priority challenges and opportunities for downtown using the map to note specific locations of concern or interest.
2. Shared community values involving downtown buildings and character (history, scale, mixture of use)
3. The desired vision for downtown Crozet
Your comments will be noted on flip chart sheets and written up for circulation.

9:15 Next Steps
The next Community Meeting is May 24, 7pm, at the Fire Station.  This meeting will focus on business and property owners.

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