If you’re new to Crozet, Virginia

You should learn about Waynesboro (Crozet is in their market area anyway).

Take 64 West for about 17 minutes and take Exit 94. Then turn right. It’s worth it. In a recent poll on RealCrozetVA, 31% of people shopped exclusively in Waynesboro.

The people at the Home Depot in Waynesboro (I assume they are at Lowe’s, too) genuinely want to help you find what you are looking for. I returned something yesterday in under 60 seconds. He met me at the door to help! There’s a Martin’s grocery store (a Giant derivative), Super Wal-mart, drive-through Starbucks, and so much more. So much that as soon as the Target opens, you’ll forget all about 29 North.

For those of you who regularly go to Waynesboro, what do you like the most?

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5 Replies to “If you’re new to Crozet, Virginia”

  1. Waynesboro has so much more to offer than a bunch of big box stores and gigantic corporations (Starbucks, Giant). That’s not much of a way to measure how great a place is in my opinion. What about Waynesboro’s more unique offerings like Riverview Park (with trails, ball fields, and a swimming pool), or local restaurants like Basic City Luncheonette or Weasie’s?

  2. Absolutely. There is much more to Waynesboro – so much that going to Charlottesville is an aside for some Crozetians. I don’t mean to diminish Waynesboro’s offerings in any way.

  3. My in-laws have found a wonderful park that my two young sons enjoy–maybe it’s the Riverview Park mentioned in the earlier comment. I also love Martin’s, and we really like eating at Chickpeas. The Japanese restaurant in the strip mall next to Kroger on Lew Dewitt Blvd (adjacent to 250) was really, really, surprisingly good. The Waynesboro public library is also nice, with a good kids’ section, and very teacher-friendly policies. And don’t forget the recycling center! Called the “Convenience Center” and located right off Route 340, it is an easy, clean, and kid-safe visit. My kids love throwing things down into the dumpsters and watching them shatter or bounce. When I have gone, I have usually been the only car there. I have definitely begun heading to W-boro at least as often as I head to C-ville, and I hear that a Staples, PetSmart, and something else useful are going into the Target/Kohls shopping center. Thanks, Jim, for this conversation!

  4. I didn’t know there was all that in Waynesboro. Admittedly, my daily trek is a differently direction than most readers here, I live in C-ville (the South side right off 64) and work in Crozet (downtown even!). But work often has me in Waynesboro (at the lab) a few times a week. I will have to start planning my trips to include some shopping time, since 29N is out of the way for me from home. I already try to eat lunch on that side of the mountain rather than in Crozet, a lot more variety. I love the Purple Foot, but my co-workers usually opt for Scotto’s.

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