Getting involved in Waynesboro

A brief self-serving announcement – I’ve written about Waynesboro many times over the years, and see their community’s continued success as part of Crozet’s continued ability to thrive.

With that in mind, I put my name in the hat for the River City 2020 initiative.

Those words ring especially true today as we announce the members of our River City 2020 board, The News Virginian’s economic visioning project for downtown Waynesboro. This group represents a wide cross-section of perspectives, life experiences and vocations. With some members, our political views mesh; with others we could contend into the wee hours. But all are of a singular mind on the subject of Waynesboro: each desires a vibrant future for this city and is willing to stake personal time and energy to help ensure it.

It should be fun.

Charlottesville versus Waynesboro shopping

A neat comment on the quality of service in the two locales.

I can go on and on and on with differences in customer services and/or shopping experiences between the same corporate chain on both sides of the mountain (ed. note: referencing Charlottesville, not Crozet) and every time the Waynesboro side comes out ahead.

I’ve written about Waynesboro shopping a few times before. Waynesboro (and the Target, Outback, Lowes, Home Depot, Martin’s grocery store, Applebee’s, drive through Starbucks) is one of the best things about living in Crozet.

Minor league baseball in Waynesboro?

From the News Virginian

A Charlottesville investor said Friday that he is considering plans to build a $20-million, 4,000 seat stadium in Waynesboro for a minor or independent league baseball team.

Jim Morris said he floated the idea Thursday in a meeting with local business leaders and city councilmen Frank Lucente and Tim Williams. Morris said he wants to gauge city support before moving forward.

“I have, in fact, talked to a couple of other people in the baseball world, and both … thought Waynesboro would be a candidate for some type of minor league baseball,” Morris said.
The ballpark would be built along the South River near Constitution Park.

Update 02/17/2008: Chris Graham has more in the Augusta Free Press.

29 North? Where’s that?

That’s likely to be something that “new residents” of Crozet say in the next couple of years.

The Target is opening this week in Waynesboro.

Target will host its grand opening on Sunday, Oct. 14, but the store officially opens to business today. General Manager Amber Benot says the quiet four days before Target’s grand opening will give its employees adequate time to get acclimated.

When I run this poll again next May, I suspect that the results will be different.

More here.

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If you’re new to Crozet, Virginia

You should learn about Waynesboro (Crozet is in their market area anyway).

Take 64 West for about 17 minutes and take Exit 94. Then turn right. It’s worth it. In a recent poll on RealCrozetVA, 31% of people shopped exclusively in Waynesboro.

The people at the Home Depot in Waynesboro (I assume they are at Lowe’s, too) genuinely want to help you find what you are looking for. I returned something yesterday in under 60 seconds. He met me at the door to help! There’s a Martin’s grocery store (a Giant derivative), Super Wal-mart, drive-through Starbucks, and so much more. So much that as soon as the Target opens, you’ll forget all about 29 North.

For those of you who regularly go to Waynesboro, what do you like the most?

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