Why go to Charlottesville to see Cirque du Soleil?

When they’re coming to Downtown Waynesboro?

The Cirque du Soleil show, Saltimbanco, will be coming to downtown Waynesboro Monday, Feb. 11.

The team of stilt walkers, jugglers and mimes will be performing in the Main Street area from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. prior to the premier of the U.S. Saltimbanco tour stop at the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville later this month.

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5 Replies to “Why go to Charlottesville to see Cirque du Soleil?”

  1. I have a question about JPJ (not Cirque). I bought tickets online to Elton John. I’m very excited, and I will enjoy the show no matter what. BUT . . . why, when I buy online, do I pay a $13.95 service charge per ticket? What service did they provide? I paid with a credit card, I printed the tickets out myself (and STILL paid a $2.50 “shipping” fee) — so why an extra 27.90?? I called JPJ to ask, to see if maybe the charge did not occur when purchasing over the phone, but it’s the same charge, and the woman I spoke to had no idea what the charge is for. So, can someone tell me what “service” I am gettting for $13.95 per ticket? Is it simply the right to buy the ticket? It can’t be the website, because it happens on the phone. Would it happen if I walked up? And where would one walk up to? I remember getting mad when Ticketmaster charged a $3 service charge per ticket!! JPJ, Music Today, someone, enlighten me, please, as to what this $13.95 per ticket provides.

  2. Katrien – I’m not sure what the charge is for other than they say “service fee” but I do know if you go to JPJ and purchase tickets at the box office you do NOT pay this fee. I had to learn this the hard way….after paying way too much for tickets! The box office is in front of JPJ to the left of the main doors and I believe they’re open normal business hours. You will only pay the price of the actual ticket and no “service fees”! Hope this helps! Have fun at the concert.

  3. Well, that’s good to know–except that these tickets usually go on sale on a Saturday and are sold out (or at least the good seats are) by the time normal business hours happen again on Monday! But I’ll know in the future that there’s this possibility. Thanks.

  4. I checked their website and the box office is open on Saturday’s from 10:00 – 2:00. Of course this is not as convenient as buying online and you have to use your gas to get there but it beats paying those outrageous “service fees”.

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