29 North? Where’s that?

That’s likely to be something that “new residents” of Crozet say in the next couple of years.

The Target is opening this week in Waynesboro.

Target will host its grand opening on Sunday, Oct. 14, but the store officially opens to business today. General Manager Amber Benot says the quiet four days before Target’s grand opening will give its employees adequate time to get acclimated.

When I run this poll again next May, I suspect that the results will be different.

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5 Replies to “29 North? Where’s that?”

  1. How many things I wish I could get somewhere other than Charlottesville…. let me count the ways..

    I’m still waiting for some of these “Business developers” to get wise and recruit- lure in some theatrical film exhibitors for movie theaters that “are NOT in Cville!” The area is ripe for a theater/Multiplex somewhere in one of the new burgeoning non Cville business areas (Zions crossroads for example).

    I believe the area has the population to support a new one.

    Unfortunately I’m as likely to go to Waynesboro to Target as I am to 29 north (which is to say.. not likely for either location- although I like the store.. I hate the location- but then I’m not in Crozet).

  2. It came. I went. It was such great fun!

    I left the house, bought what I needed, and got back to Crozet in precisely one hour!

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