Help a new neighbor get acclimated to Crozet

One of the best parts of writing RealCrozetVa is the interaction from readers off-line.

This is part of an email I received last week from someone who is moving to Crozet: (comments/advice are welcome from readers)

Where do empty nesters go to meet people (late forties, early fifties?)

Where is a good place to have lunch? Cocina del Sol, Greenwood Country Store,

Is there any night life? Uncle Charlie’s has bands.

Do people shop mostly in Waynesboro? Quite a few do.

Does Crozet have any town events/celebrations? Parade, Fireworks (probably need money again this year), Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival – May 11/12 and October 11/12 this year.

What is current population and what is the size of Crozet (square mileage)5,229 people.

What kind of volunteer opportunities are there in Crozet?

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2 Replies to “Help a new neighbor get acclimated to Crozet”

  1. The place to go to learn about volunteer opportunities is the United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area Volunteer Center’s website, You can search by zip code, areas of interest, days of weeks, etc. About 180 area nonprofits have their volunteer needs posted there.

  2. Crozet United Methodist Church offers numerous volunteer opportunities, including at our bi-monthly USDA-approved food pantry, which provides over 30,000 pounds of food each year to the hungry in our community. Just visit and click on either the link that says “This Week’s News” or the “Our Newsletter” link too what going on.

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