Yoga in Crozet

I received an email the other day from Shaaron Honeycutt, who is a yoga instructor teaching classes in Old Trail. The PDF flyer is here.

The details on the classes:

– The public is welcomed and Old Trail members receive a slight discount on the classes
– Six week Series:$85/Old Trail Associate:  $75
– Single Drop In Class:$18 / Old Trail Associate: $15 – (these are the correct prices, there’s a slight error in the flyer about this) and we accept all credit cards, checks, etc. for payment.

Q – What brought you to the area? How long have you been here?

A – I’ve been in the area since 1986, and came here following my parents. They read an article in “Money” magazine about Charlottesville and semi-retired to Earlysville. My first job out of college didn’t work out, so I ran home to my parents, but home was now here instead of Connecticut. I met my husband, who’s from Afton and went to Greenwood Elementary and Western Albemarle High School;  in Charlottesville, and when we were first together we lived in Crozet. We then bought some land from his parents in Nelson County, just outside Nellysford, and proceeded to build a house there. I really love where we live and feel blessed to be able to live in paradise!

I wanted to teach yoga in Crozet because it is near and dear to my heart – and has seen such growth since we lived there 14 years ago. That, and it is so much closer to home than Charlottesville! 🙂

Q – Why teach yoga? What’s good about it?

A – Yoga has so many benefits, I could write at length about them, but for brevity’s sake, I’ll try to keep it short. Yoga is definitely for health, but it’s impact upon oneself is more far reaching than that. It aids not just physical well being, but mental and emotional balance as well. Yoga has been shown to diminish the effects of stress, increase one’ s energy and stamina, minimize anxiety and depression, and create a stronger, more flexible, balanced body, too.

Q – Are there any other yoga offerings in Crozet?

A – Though I could be mistaken, I don’t think there is much, if any, yoga classes currently available in Crozet which is another reason I was interested in teaching classes there.

Q – How many people have signed up so far?

A – The number of participants in class at Old Trail varies – from 2 to 15 at this point. Though the room is spacious and could easily fit more than that. We will be at that location until mid-April then moving to another location as golf season and the use of the club house precludes us from having classes there. So, we are also currently in search of a place to hold classes over the late spring, summer, and early fall, before we can move back to Old Trail once the golf has slowed down a bit.

We offer classes on either a drop in/single class, or 6 class series basis, and there is a financial advantage to signing up and paying for 6 classes.

Q – Are you the only teacher?

A – I am the only yoga teacher at Old Trail – and we really need to get the word out that there is yoga in Crozet because I keep hearing that no one knows about it, and are pleasantly surprised when they do hear. There is interest, but the information needs dissemination, which is why I contacted you.

Please come by and experience a class – anyone over the age of 12 is welcome!

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4 Replies to “Yoga in Crozet”

  1. $18 for a single yoga session is pretty steep. Going to C’ville for yoga takes time and i dont get to go enough becuase of the distance.Finding a place in Crozet is great, but it should be less expensive.

  2. greenwood community center offers yoga on Mon & Thurs (level 1 & 2 and chair yoga) through the county for $55 for 10 sessions. teacher is carol brown who has been teaching since 2000… great classes with a lot of people from the community at an affordable price

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