Crozet area Shootings

A quick summary of some of the discussions surrounding the Crozet shootings.

The Hook
Daily Progress (sporting a new website, no less!)

CNN, FoxNews and the AP have converage as well.

It’s a bit eerie today; schools are closed, but kids are playing outside. Soccer practice was canceled, but not everybody knew, or expected to not have practice. Thankfully, schools are open tomorrow.

Anybody have any thoughts on today’s events?

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4 Replies to “Crozet area Shootings”

  1. I am relieved & very impressed that the police & other law enforcement groups were able to settle this so quickly, and that no one died.

    It was very eerie to turn on National news to see a map of the entire USA, with only Crozet marked. The arrested shooter is only 19 years old. When I googled him, his results as a pole vaulter at Western (in 2005) turned up – what happened ? It is so sad. I am relatively new to Crozet, was not here during the other terrible murders a few years back. It is making me wonder (as well as worry for my own child) – 2 such violent incidents involving teen-agers, here, in this seemingly idyllic place – why? How?

  2. THESE KIDS HAD ACCESS TO GUNS BECAUSE??????? I raised children with guns in my home but they NEVER had access, and even if they did I have taught them RESPECT FOR GUNS. DUH!

  3. I went to school with Slade and I never would have known that he would be the one doing this crime but I am glad that he got cought before anyone got hurt. Its sad that he did all this stuff and for what??? know one knows but I hope he is punished for what he did because he could have killed someone.

  4. I Also went to school with Slade i never thought he would do something like this but I am so happy he and the other boy was cought before anyone got hurt. thought of him like a close friend someone u go to when you need advise but I hope he does get what he deserves. My father and mother had guns around me but I know that its worng to touch them unless I was at the gun range with a parent. I dont think its the parents fault if they teach there kids not to play with guns so I hope no one is blaming the parents because I am shure Slades parents told him and taught him that guns are NOT toys to not play with them. I think that Slade was just Depressed and didnt know what he was doing but its still NOT ok to go around shooting things so I hope he learns his lesson.

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