Affordable Housing in Crozet

The Crozet Glen, a mixed income development near the corner of Jarman Gap Road and Blue Ridge Ave. will contain from 40 to 70 units, is in the design phase. The first public workshop will take place on Saturday, May 3 from 4-7 pm at the Crozet United Methodist Church fellowship hall. The impact on Crozet traffic should be an additional 400 to 700 trips per day. You are encouraged to attend.

The format of the interactive workshop event for May 3 with an introductory presentation followed by the opportunity to visit stations around the room that focus on the different project values (mixed-income housing, green building & site design, aging in place, community context, access/mobility, etc.). Each station will have a PHA or CCDC staff person plus one steering committee member to facilitate discussion and document comments about specific issues. We will adjourn the workshop at 6:00 and share an informal meal & social hour (outside if it’s nice) from 6-7. We will then plan to schedule a more workshops for later in June.

Download a flier for the Crozet Glen workshop here.

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