Biking around Crozet

I’m embarking on a shift in how I get around. and I’m hoping to demonstrate the relative ease of biking around Crozet.

Riding to the farmers’s market on Saturday mornings, to Great Valu for a few groceries, to the drop-off point to pick up my weekly CSA share, over to Old Trail for meetings, to the BP to pick up the Crozet Gazette, to the Pool, Mint Springs Park, to Highlands to show a house that I’m marketing … The possibilities for riding a bike instead of driving are many.

Gas prices are affecting everyone.


If you’re willing to join me in my effort to think differently, let me know in the comments.

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2 Replies to “Biking around Crozet”

  1. Yes, I love the idea of promoting biking around Crozet. And the more people who do it, the more aware motorists will be. I feel as though it is a pretty safe place to bike, but it would be nice to see bike lanes implemented when new roads are added in the future. Also, I am anxiously awaiting a bus route from Crozet to Charlottesville replete with a handy transit center (ie bus stop) that I can ride my bike to each morning. I hope that is not far away.

  2. Jessica –

    I’d ask you to help proselytize for me. Tell your friends about this site and encourage them (and you) to put your routes up here on on

    We could help start a movement of sorts …

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