A comment on JAUNT in Crozet

The following is from a reader. It seems that JAUNT has some marketing to do.

“Thanks for your blog entry that mentioned Jaunt. I didn’t know they offer commuter service. I thought they only did transport for handicapped folks. I spoke with (someone) at Jaunt who advised that all commuter service between Crozet-Cville is door-to-door upon request, and they have no way of knowing how long any particular route would take on any given day.

She said that there are no plans for express service — and it would have to be taken up with city council who funds them.

I would definitely consider using the service if it would just be one pick-up in Crozet (say at Bank of America parking lot which is a designated park & ride) to a stop (or two) in Cville [Downtown Mall & UVA/Corner?].

I think that the service needs to have a predictable schedule and route.

I really can’t commit to using a service that might take 45 mins-1 hour due to multiple stops along the way.”

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8 Replies to “A comment on JAUNT in Crozet”

  1. Regularly SCHEDULED Jaunt service from a central Crozet location to the new bus terminal next to The Pavilion on the downtown mall would be a boon!

    Riders could easily make connections there to other points around town.

    A similarly scheduled pickup location in Ivy would be enough stops along the way.

    Just imagine: no more circling city blocks trolling for a 2-hr parking spot OR paying $3/hour to park in the downtown parking garage.

    JAUNT, if you SCHEDULE it, they will come. Planners, are you listening to your people?

    ~ John-N

  2. I completely 100% agree with this sentiment. I would gladly ride my bike/walk to a central Crozet location every morning to catch a direct bus.
    Let’s make it happen. Talk to the Crozet Community Advisory Council member nearest you.

  3. Thanks for all the interest in JAUNT. We’d be delighted to try again to provide commuter service from Crozet if funding becomes available. We hope that more people would take advantage of the service than during the previous attempt that ended in June 2003. Despite a $1.00 fare and express service between three Crozet stops and stops at UVA, Downtown and Seminole Square, less than two people rode each day.

    We look forward to working with the folks in Crozet to provide transportation alternatives.

  4. Donna, we’re living in entirely different economic times since the dollar-fare-days of 2003. Thanks for listening and best of success in advancing this service.

    ~ John-N

  5. I recently wrote to Ann Mallek, Supervisor from White Hall, regarding the JAUNT commuter service. She responded:

    “Thank you for writing. I am gathering interested people to present to Donna Shaunessey, director of Jaunt. She indicated that she can send express buses to Crozet if we have people to ride them. Only two or three people showed up two years ago and the trial was abandoned. At the Crozet parade I handed out notes asking interested people to contact me.

    I am gathering the following information. Please feel free to share with others.

    Name and contact information
    Time you need to arrive at destination
    General destination, (ie uva grounds, downtown, etc)
    Daily, several times per week.

    Do you think people would be interested in signing up for the service a week or a month at a time? That would provide certainty for Jaunt. Federal dollars will reimburse Jaunt for rural pickups, which happily covers Crozet since we are outside the Metropolitan Planning Org. area.

    Thank you for helping to raise this issue.


    Please send her your response [[email protected]]
    and spread the word to your neighbors!

  6. Moving to C-ville 7yrs ago I was pretty surprised at the lack of reliable public transportation. Gainesville, Fl where I moved from had a city wide bus system that was free to students and residents paid $3/day (Or cheaper if using a pre-paid bus pass). Even though Gainesville, was at least double the size of C-ville, it had less traffic due to high utilization of the bus system.

    If Jaunt had an express service, I would gladly pre-pay, particularly if the bus had bike racks.

  7. A commuter service from Crozet would be very welcomed, I think I would use it at least 2-3 times per week. I would not be willing to commit for all days in a week, I would however not have a problem with paying ten rides at a time, if that would be sufficient commitment for Jaunt. Bike rack would hugely increase appeal.

  8. i would love to see public transp. from Crozet to Downtown.
    particularly, after kids get on bus to middleschool.

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